A Message From The CEO

             Hello and welcome, I am Dr. Frank Trovato, the CEO of TNT Inc. Consulting Services. TNT Consulting Inc. was founded in 2009 to fulfill a need for high-quality and well researched training for policing and security professionals. TNT is comprised of a group of professionals who have experience in the law enforcement field, community agencies, and government services at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.   Over the years, TNT has grown exponentially to collaborate with organizations such as Diversity (CPR), the Canadian Critical Incident Inc. (CCII) and Emond Publishing who are proud to partner with TNT to provide resources to policing and security professionals. 


Services We Offer

Investigations and Audits


Justice Management Training


Human Rights and Diversity Training


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Please don't hesitate to reach out to us and ask us about our services and capabilities.  Our very diverse and adaptable team of Professionals can schedule a free consultation and give you a direct quote right away. 

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Deputy Chief Retired, Kim Derry


"The content and training offered to agencies, private security and public safety personnel is superior to most training offered given that the courses are designed at the college or university levels with the practical aspect of how the training applies to day to day operations!"

Kenton Chance President A.B.L.E.


 The Association of Black Law Enforcers (A.B.L.E.) is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 to address the needs and concerns of Black and other racial minorities in law enforcement and the community. Dr. Trovato’s passion is evident in the assistance given to educational scholarships handed out by A.B.L.E. annually to assist racialized young people realize an opportunity at higher education. 

Jeanine Webber, Dean


  Frank Trovato is a dedicated professional and mentor. He is a generous team member with his ideas, time and resources. Frank actively involves all team members in projects, values everyone's contributions and is always encouraging of others. We have worked together on the same faculty team, we have team taught a course together and we have worked on a large scale community policing research project. Frank is dedicated to his students, colleagues and community.