Improving Organizational Inclusion

Our organization will help you build its anti-racism strategy and DEI growth.

Enabling Government Reform

Our organization is as a highly recommended vendor for all three levels of government in Canada. We are recognized for our expertise, professionalism and the reputation that precedes us.

About Us

TNT Justice Consultants is a group of notable professionals that come from an array of Justice, Social and Educational backgrounds to support and improve workplace excellence.

Our group works together to deliver services for government organizations within the context of diversity training, investigations, audits, leadership training and many more. Our team is most known for its role in the improvements brought forward to the Police hiring system in Ontario and the RCMP.

We have trailblazed the unique rollout of implicit bias testing and training for large public organizations, to support reform and positive change.

Client and Partner Testimonials

Our team can handle any challenge of any caliber.

We want to make you, your organization and your people a priority!  We would be more than happy to speak with you or meet by appointment.