Celebrating Black History Month

Feb 18, 2022

TNT recognizes the significance of the month of February in honouring Black History Month in Canada. As a corporate equity ally, we value our relationships with members of many diverse communities and organizations

As the Canadian leader in anti-bias training TNT is advancing equity through individual Implicit Bias Testing (IBT). IBT is targeted at mitigating unconscious bias one of the fundamental personal elements that contributes to systemic racism. IBT supported by anti-bias education provides time for individual self-reflection, mentorship, and training.  Our approach is judgement free, and empathy oriented taking great care not to socially indict, shame, or blame individuals. Bias is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned.

To quote an exceptional College executive, AVP Marylin Herie of Centennial College, “the time is now to reflect on revitalizing black power.”  Black History Month is celebrated to recognize Canada’s Black heritage and Black Canadian trailblazers who have too often been forgotten in Canada’s historical narrative. This is a time to spotlight Black achievement, celebrate diversity, and educate our communities about the inequities and systemic racism that Black Canadians continue to face.  

At TNT, we recommit to challenging and disrupting prejudicial inclination towards Black people and pledge to learn more by exploring the following powerful resources accessible through the Archives of Ontario:

  • Follow @ArchivesOntario, or @ArchivesON in French on Facebook and Twitter. Black History Month is this February’s theme for social media channels and an excellent opportunity to discover what the Archives has to offer.

 Show your allyship and commitment, join us!

Frank Trovato, PhD


Established in Toronto Educating Around the World

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