Enhancing Safety in the Workplace for Healthcare Providers Through The Use of Situational Awareness Training

As justice experts, we recognize the potential dangers that exist in all facets of healthcare.

Let us help you stay safe with our non-confrontational and prevention-based training.

Violence In A Healthcare Setting Is A Grim Reality

There is not enough action being done to help to protect and foster a safe working environment for healthcare providers. This is due to a lack of consistent and proficient training resources being provided to healthcare staff. Together, we can bolster healthcare workers’ safety awareness and minimize workplace assaults. TNT and the Arcuri Group are offering the Situational Awareness Specialist certificate course to build upon the existing skillset and safety mentality of healthcare staff.

“The SAS (Situational Awareness Specialist) training has me feeling more confident in my ability to identify signs of trouble early enough that I can act on it. The same issues can happen in the classroom, in a hospital setting with stressed-out family members, with patients in the emergency room when not being seen in a timely fashion, with a colleague losing his chance for promotion, with nurses or social workers who work with people facing crises.”


Dr. Terry L. Oroszi

Associate Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Wright State University

Why is it important for healthcare providers to have situational awareness training?

Over the last decade, we have observed a steady rise in workplace assaults on healthcare staff. The impact of these workplace assaults has a rippling effect on healthcare providers, their families and the healthcare community. These realities commonly result in staff needing to take stress/sick leave, therefore perpetuating the issues of understaffing and burnout.

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What can be done to support our healthcare workers?

With education and training, we can provide an element of safety to our healthcare workers to reduce workplace assaults. TNT and our partners at the Arcuri Group are law enforcement experts who train healthcare professionals directly, using safety tactics but without incorporating offensive and defensive physical actions. Rather, we educate healthcare providers about a security mindset to assess risk, identify escalating characteristics and strategize a crisis-mitigation plan.

Violence is experienced much more often in the healthcare profession than it is in most other professions

According to a report conducted by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 75% of the 25,000 workplace assaults that are reported annually occur in healthcare and social services.

A report completed in 2017 found that 68% of Ontario healthcare providers had experienced violence on the job at least once over the previous year.

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions has reported that claims made by healthcare providers for violence-related lost time have increased by almost 66% over the past decade.

Benefits of the Situational Awareness Specialist Course for Healthcare Providers


  • The course can be delivered online and in person
  • The course is efficiently four hours long to suit busy healthcare providers’ schedules
  • The course is cost effective for healthcare institutions

Practical Objectives

  • To educate healthcare workers about how to enable a mindset change
  • To teach healthcare staff how to practise situational awareness each day (in both personal and professional contexts)
  • To help staff to become an asset in the workplace in order to further protect other healthcare staff

Expected Outcomes

  • To increase staff safety and reduce workplace assaults and injuries
  • To enable staff members to develop a safety-based mindset to help anticipate and manage conflict
  • To improve staff response measures when dealing with a crisis

“There isn’t a single university program, business sector or individual person that would not benefit from having enhanced situational awareness. It was an easy decision for me to bring this program to the Boonshoft School of Medicine at Wright State University both as a standalone one-credit class open to all students and faculty and as an integrated part of our Master of Healthcare and Homeland Security program.”

Dr. Terry L. Oroszi

Associate Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Wright State University


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