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Recognizing and Mitigating Implicit Bias for Front-Line Workers

May 20, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

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What feeds your bias?

This course is designed to allow front line workers to understand, recognize and mitigate implicit bias within themselves and others. We all have bias. Implicit bias by its very nature is unknown to us. However, whether known or not bias can affect the way we interact with others with possibly negative or catastrophic consequences. Understand where our biases lay and then taking steps to mitigate them will create a more fair and equitable playing field for all. It is important that people engaging with front line workers feel that they are being treated fairly and equitably. People’s perceptions are their reality whether factual or not. Good front line workers should care and have a desire to provide the best service possibly to all.

The government of Ontario enforces fair treatment for all its residents through its Human Rights code. Many private industries also have their version of policies and procedures governing the appropriate treatment of people. Left unchecked, bias can sometimes cause people to act inappropriately toward others either consciously or unconsciously.

In this course we will learn how and why bias has been a tool that has served humanity well for millennia but that now given global travel and complex human interactions may at times cause some people to inadvertently act in an inappropriate manner. We will come to understand the implicit bias test, how it works and what our own results mean. These test results are your own personal property and will not be shared with any employers or legal agencies. In fact, after the expiry of the retention period all identifying information is stripped from the results making the assignment of any given result to a specific person impossible. The retention period only exists so that you can get receive your results and /or in case you wish to follow up on any aspect of your performance with one of our qualified personnel.

This course is not about shaming or blaming anyone. Hopefully it will create awareness and provide people with the tools to make themselves, and our society, better.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Complete all tasks in compliance with pertinent legislation, as well as accepted standards, regulations and guidelines.
  2. Analyze all relevant information and make effective and legally defensible* decisions in accordance with ethical and professional standards.
  3. Be accountable for one’s actions when carrying out all tasks.
  4. Develop and implement ongoing effective strategies for personal and professional development.
  5. Ensure the respect of human rights and freedoms in all interactions.
  6. Define legal authorities, rights and procedures as they relate to harassment and discrimination cases.

Essential Employability Skills

The participant will reliably demonstrate the ability to*:

  1. Apply a systematic approach to solve problems.
  2. Use a variety of thinking skills to anticipate and solve problems.
  3. Show respect for diverse opinions, values belief systems, and contributions of others.
  4. Interact with others in groups or teams in ways that contribute to effective working relationships and the achievement of goals.
  5. Manage the use of time and other resources to complete projects.
  6. Take responsibility for one’s own actions, decisions, and consequences. 

Who is your instructor?

Philip Semple

Training Diversity Specialist

In 2005 Philip Semple retired from the Toronto Police Service after a successful 30-year career. Philip then transitioned to the education field where he has performed a variety of roles such as Professor, Program Coordinator, Police Foundations Program, and Acting Chair of the EMPSI (Emergency and Public Safety Institute), at Toronto’s Centennial College.

Philip Semple has continued along the path of a lifelong learner most recently completing his PhD at OISE, University of Toronto.

Dr. Semple is passionate about diversity. He published his graduate thesis on “racial profiling” at Central Michigan University, in the College Quarterly, Fall 2013, Volume 16, Number 4. He also developed an interactive, experiential and culturally based classroom exercise for college students published in the Global Citizen Digest 2014, Volume 2, Issue 3, designed to help students better understand and address cultural disparities and issues involved in racial profiling and implicit bias.

Dr. Semple has been recognized for his work having received numerous awards including, the Dean’s Apple Award in 2019, the Dean’s Award for Innovation in Teaching (2013), Innovation in Scholarship (2014) and Looking Beyond (2014). He has presented at the Altogether Better Health IX Conference (2018), on Interprofessional Education and at the Collaboration Across Borders VI Conference in Banff, Alberta (2017). He also received the Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medal (2003), the Etobicoke Sunrise Rotary Club, Youth Impact Award (2002), and several other Police related awards.

Dr. Semple now concentrates on integrating his PhD research into the curriculum at Centennial College and working with TNT Justice consultants providing implicit bias and anti-microaggression training.


May 20, 2023
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Philip Semple
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