Training Manager

Howie Page

Professor Howie Page has been with TNT from its inception providing valuable service and advise. Professor Page has taught in College settings since 1999. Prior to joining the educational field, Professor Page enjoyed a distinguished policing career retiring as a senior officer with the Toronto Police Service. From 1999 to 2010 Professor Page served as a part-time instructor at the Toronto Police College, from 2009 to 2015 as a Contract Professor for the Police Foundations Program at Humber College, and most recently at Centennial College as a professor with tenure for the Police Foundations Program.

Professor Page is a co-author of a national bestselling textbook, Police Powers (2015). This textbook is used by colleges across Canada in the Police Foundation and Law and Security programs. Professor Page is currently in the early stages of co-authoring a second college textbook in the field of Emergency Management. Professor Page`s interests include the development of current serving police officers supporting their commitment to continuous education within a rapidly shifting Canadian legal environment. He continues to mentor and lecture police officers from across Ontario at various seminars and training sessions.

Professor Page has been recognized for his dedication to teaching and innovative contribution to the Centennial College annual mock disaster and is the recipient of the Centennial College Learning-Centered College Award (2017), the Dean’s Apple Award (2018) for outstanding community innovation and the Dean’s Apple Award (2019) for outstanding community innovation and scholarship teaching. He is also recipient of the Centennial College Individual President’s Spirit Award (2019) for innovated teaching and creative problem solving in the classroom.

Established in Toronto Educating Around the World

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