Deborah Abbott

Deborah is a retired Staff Sergeant from TPS with 29 years of experience in traffic safety and investigations, fraud and telemarketing experience which led to a provincial team leader at their Proceeds of Crime Unit when promoted. Varying roles with media relations and human resources before being promoted to Staff at a busy downtown division, working alongside our chief instructor, Professor Page. Assigned to the Major Incident Commander Centre for G20 in 2010, and various venues within the downtown core for capacity crowd control monitoring. Post retirement Deborah has worked at Durham College and Centennial College teaching various Police Foundation subjects including Criminology, Community Policing and Police Prep. Her recent role at Ontario Power Generation as a security consultant, continued both her incident command centre and investigative experience as a Security Director, and corporate security investigator. Deborah’s expertise includes nuclear security, infrastructure threat risk assessment, police and nuclear policy, joint community and municipal Committee Relations, incident command centre processes and asset forfeiture. 

Established in Toronto Educating Around the World

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