Services We Offer

Management Report & Proposal Writing

 We have the ability to create strong proposals, business cases, and draft strategic documents that are infused with compelling arguments that are supported by relevant facts in order to get the results you want. Our blended professionals are able to deliver a wide range of analytical reports and other communication products that support organizations and individuals while demonstrating excellence.   

Training/Teaching Experts in all Social Fields

 Our team possesses the right combination of real-world professional experience and academic backgrounds that have positioned them as diverse experts in an array of Social Justice Fields.  

Curriculum Development

Our Professors that have been employed by some of the top educational institutions in Ontario and have the experience to develop extensive and specialized curriculum(s).

Procedural Training

 With Experts in many fields, our team delivers training for Justice Practitioners and other Professionals that has been consistently described as “high calibre,” operationally relevant,” and at the leading edge of professional education.  

Policy and Document Reviews

With extensive background in Policy development and investigations, our team with Policy expertise can provide interpretive and analytical services to meet your specific needs. 

Community Research

Our Justice Experts have a life-time of experience in the Community, we can handle any dynamic or unique research task presented

Specialized Services


 With array of Criminal, Human Rights, and Administrative investigative backgrounds our team members have attained extensive experience working in areas including, but not limited to; Major Crimes, Homicide, Drug Squad, and Human Resources. We are able to conduct thorough and impartial third-party investigations to meet your needs 

Diversity Training Experts

  Our ability to access a range of experienced Justice Professionals who have specialized skills in the area of diversity, inclusion, and human rights provides TNT with the ability to deliver operationally practical training that is fundamental to workplace harmony and equitable service provision in a socially complex society.

Expert Witness Testimony

Our Justice Professionals are qualified and are Nationally recognized to deliver Expert Witness Testimony in their area of expertise.

Forensic Audits & Research

In addition to strong communication skills, our skilled detail orientated team can apply their education, training and experience to conduct detailed research, audits and or analysis. 

Intensive Training for Officers

With our combined and diverse experience from our Justice Practitioners, we deliver operationally relevant and specialized curriculum that will meet the needs of modern professionals providing safety and protective services in a rapidly evolving society.

Leadership & Management Training

We focus on developing Selflessness, Encouragement, Ability to recognize talent and most importantly the confidence to espouse those qualities in our managers

Services We Delivered


We take the utmost pride and professionalism in our work. Here at TNT, our team will strive to ensure you get more than a satisfactory end result. As you see below, we worked extensively with some of the top entities in our society and they can attest to a great service we provide.                                                                          Here are some the services we proudly worked for:

  • Pretesting services for police applicants for Province of Ontario on behalf of the  Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP)
  • Correctional Services Canada
  • Ministry of Youth Services and Adult Services Video Analysis Training
  • Ministry of Children and Youth Services (Specialized Training for Inspectors, Directors and Residential Program Supervisors)
  • University of Toronto Campus Police (Recruit Training, Re-certification, Coach Officer Training, Workshops on Anti-Oppression, Drug Specific Training, Policy Review)
  • Guelph University Special Constables
  • Management/personnel investigations for public sector organizations
  • York Regional Police Service (Consulting on Leadership programs)
  • Toronto Police Service (Lead Research of Neighbourhood Police Program)
  • Canadian Critical Incident Inc (Consulting on Strategy)
  • Country of Grenada, National Ministry of Justice (Correctional Officer Training)
  • Wilfrid Laurier University (Special Adviser on Educational Pathways for Police Degree programs, Certificate Programs, Graduate Program and Curriculum Development)
  • Canadian Police College (Consulted on Partnership Agreement with Wilfrid Laurier University to Develop Pathways to Higher Education for justice practitioners in policing services, International professional officers, and the RCMP)
  • Ontario Chiefs of Police Collaboration to develop and encourage higher education and occupational training offerings for police across Ontario
  • Association of Special Constable Organization (Collaborate to centralize quality training for special constables across the province).
  • Partnership with Emond Publishing to produce training films on new Cannabis Legislation and New Special Constable Manual

And We Offer Much More

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