Introduction to Crisis Intervention and De-escalation skills can help reduce risk to the individual, public and public safety responders.

Public safety professionals have become the primary frontline mental health crisis response with little training to prepare security and law enforcement professionals for this reality. This course is designed to assist you to improve your crisis intervention and communication skills to help your organization create a culture of safety. This training will assist responders dealing with individuals who are suffering mental illness or in a state of crisis. First responders play an important role in initial crisis intervention and this course will introduce you to effective resolution of potentially critical incidents using basic crisis intervention and de-escalation skills.

Course Learning Outcomes

You will be introduced to crisis intervention strategies and de-escalation like those used by Crisis Negotiators during a potential high risk incident that may aid in stabilizing the situation. Verbal de-escalation techniques will be reviewed that may reduce the immediacy of the threat so that more time, options, and resources can be called upon to resolve the situation. You will review many of the same skills Crisis Negotiators use to de-escalate, build rapport, and move the subject in crisis towards rational communication that benefits everyone involved.

Who is your instructor?

Monique Rollin

Vice President and Director of Training for Canadian Critical Incident Inc.

Inspector Monique Rollin (ret.) is a former Detective Inspector with over 31 years’ law enforcement experience who is now a sought after professional consultant and Vice President and Director of Training for Canadian Critical Incident Inc. She is an experienced Critical Incident Commander & Tactical Commander who has over 20 years’ experience as a Crisis Negotiator, trainer and team leader. Monique is an accredited instructor throughout Canada in Critical Incident Response, Crisis Negotiations and Incident Command and instructs public safety professionals including police communicators and frontline responders in crisis de-escalation. Monique has extensive executive and operational leadership experience in Critical Incident Response, International Mass Casualty Disaster Management, Major Crimes and Communications.


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