Kim Derry

Retired Deputy Chief

"I have known the principals Frank Trovato and Howie Page for over 20 years while engaged in law enforcement and also in the running of training academies and colleges. The content and training offered to agencies, private security and public safety personnel is superior to most training offered given that the courses are designed at the college or university levels with the practical aspect of how the training applies to day to day operations. The curriculum provided are focused on proven training outcomes and designed specifically for the needs of the client. Additional leadership, executive training curriculum can be tailored to the client especially incorporating the policies and procedures that they employ. In addition the principals can design the policies and procedures for agencies or companies in addition to training personnel who are employed. A major benefit of utilizing this company is the integration of front line, supervisor and executive training that can be employed across the country through in person or electronic means, thereby achieving a consistent risk focused trained work force that is measurable. Kim Derry o.o.m. Board Chair G.R.E.A.T. Global Resource Epi-Center Against Human Trafficking".


Greg Schofield

FIS Toronto Police Specialist

"Having worked with Frank Trovato in both his Law Enforcement and Academic capacities, I am pleased to attest to his knowledge, experience and professionalism. Frank has the not-so- common ability to not only identify the details while maintaining focus on the big picture; but more importantly is someone who knows that if you put the person first, you're already half-way to your project's success. For these reasons and more, I am pleased and confident to offer my endorsement of him."


Bruce Arai

Dean, Wilfred Laurier

 " Frank Trovato and I have worked together for over a year now, on a range of projects. I have been very impressed with his range of experience, depth of knowledge and professionalism. He has advised us on our BA in Policing, our Master of Public Safety and Graduate Diplomas, and on our police leadership certificates. Because of the quality of his work and his academic background, I have hired him as our Scholar in Residence at Laurier. I look forward to working with Frank long into the future as we continue to draw on his expertise to refine and improve our offerings."


Kenton Chance

President of Association of Black Law Enforcers (A.B.L.E.)

"The Association of Black Law Enforcers (A.B.L.E.) is a non-profit organization formed in 1992 to address the needs and concerns of Black and other racial minorities in law enforcement and the community. Dr. Frank Trovato over the past decade as played a key role as policy advisor and counsellor to the Executive Team at A.B.L.E. Dr. Trovato’s passion for social justice has led to many collaborative projects with colleges and universities he has been associated with to help host many events including leadership seminars and most recently hosting the women in law enforcement leadership seminar. Most importantly, Dr. Trovato’s passion is evident in the assistance given to educational scholarships handed out by A.B.L.E. annually to assist racialized young people realize an opportunity at higher education". 


Dr. Nitin Deckha

Nitin Deckha, PhD, CTDP,

"Frank is an exceptional colleague, leader and mentor. At the University of Guelph-Humber, he was pivotal in spearheading the development of an innovative applied program in Justice Studies and did a phenomenal job growing it with vision and enthusiasm. He brought me in to teach in this program, recognizing my individual talents and capabilities. He has easily taught and mentored hundreds of students in the justice field, sharing with them his wealth of academic knowledge as well as professional experience."


Jeanine Webber

Dean, Lethbridge College University

"Frank Trovato is a dedicated professional, gifted teacher and mentor. He is a generous team member with his ideas, time and resources. Frank actively involves all team members in projects, values everyone's contributions and is always encouraging of others. We have worked together on the same faculty team, we have team taught a course together and we have worked on a large scale community policing research project. Frank is dedicated to his students, colleagues and community"